The Biggest
Fitness Challenge


The Arena Challenge

The Arena Challenge is designed to encourage individuals to embrace healthy habits and physical activity not only during the holy month but also for life.

The event will feature a series of professional health lectures, exercise sessions, and fun contests to promote overall well-being.

Master Class

The Arena Challenge offers two daily master classes throughout the event (one for women and another for men). Each class is led by a professional master trainer for a duration of 30 minutes. All classes use bodyweight only, so no equipment needed.

Team Challenge

The Arena Team Challenge is a daily competition (for men and women separately), where teams of 3 members will compete through a series of physical and mental challenges. The duration of the daily competition is 30 minutes only, and it consists of 10 challenges.

Padel Court

We have set up a padel court for you to book. Teams of 2 members can register daily to enjoy a good game of padel. Each game is 30 minutes only, and we offer two slots for women from 3 to 4 PM and another two for men from 4 to 5 PM.